Women In Tech Summit 2017

Northwest Arkansas Technology Summit 2017 Women in Tech

“My Tribes” Tribe Tool & More!

I hope you had a wonderful day at the Women in Tech Summit and enjoyed our Tribe Talk!

Maybe we’ll have more time together in the future. Until then, spend some time with the “My Tribes” Tribe Tool, some articles I know you will find helpful in researching Women in Tech, and information about our Tribe Talk Podcast that includes an interview with Karenann Terrell!

My Tribes Tribe Tool cover image

With this Tribe Tool, you’ll be able to:

  • Appreciation for the tribes you have that support you
  • Understanding of the opportunities of support you may be missing
  • Identify the gap areas where you need  more support

Just fill out this form and I’ll send you the Tribe Tool “My Tribes”.

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