Tribe Talk

Do you want to build cultures of women supporting women? Host a Tribe Talk!

Tribe Talks are based on the dialogTribe Talk Programs we must have to build cultures of women supporting women. They are not presentations, or speeches. They are conversations where we step off the stage to

Tribe of Womensit by each other,

Tribe of Womentalk with each other, and

Tribe of Womenconnect to each other.

Tribe of WomenLet’s Talk!


Based on her TEDx talk,Keynote Speaker Amy has developed an in-depth discussion on the topic of Tribe of Women. Her facilitation style and personality lend to the format of having this conversation-style keynote presentation with audiences of 50, 500, or 5000 people. This is a movement, so it has to move. Let’s talk!

Group Conversations

From intimate book-club style Group Conversationssettings to conference room tables, we invite you to host a facilitated discussion on the pillars that support Tribe of Women. Talks follows a format based on the 3 Pillars of Tribe and the discussion leads the way to the group’s own discoveries, affirmations, and action plans.

Wisdom of Women Panel Conversations

We are surrounded by wise Panel Conversationswomen! There is no better way to share their wisdom than with a facilitated discussion with a group from your community or company. We will:

  • Help select a diverse panel that will help you achieve the message and goals of your event or topic
  • Facilitate a conversation between the panel and audience
  • Develop thoughtful questions and guide the topic areas

The Wisdom of Women discussions are honest, heart-felt, hard, and necessary talks that are thought-out and thought full, but not pre-scripted. They will bring about eye-opening discoveries, affirm good ideas, shatter preconceptions, and ground your group in the authentically shared wisdom of women.

Tribe of Women Workshops & Retreats

Our workshops and retreats areWorkshops and Retreats customized to the needs of the group or organization. We design hands-on activities based on an Appreciative Inquiry method to ensure group-wide engagement and to ensure everyone has the tools they need beyond the workshop. Workshops can be 1 hour or over several days. They can focus on one area of need, or the full range of the 3 Pillars of Tribe – Accept, Connect, and Lead. Retreat options include everything from design and facilitation of a full 1 to 3 day retreat, or simple participation in break-out sessions and activities.

Interested? Send us an email!