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Amy Reeves Robinson

While the idea for Tribe of Women had been part of my life, and I had written about it for NPR’s “This I Believe”, the seed truly started growing as I prepared to speak at TEDx Fayetteville in 2014.

After the presentation, there seemed to be a buzz in the air about the importance of having a “tribe”, the pervasive culture of “mean girl”, and the role that society and feminism play in how we feel about ourselves and each other. The tribe that one finds or seeks out for oneself often looks different from person to person, but the message is the same. Non-judgemental acceptance and connection, which blossoms into leadership if you’re led in that direction.

To see how it all began, view the TEDx, “I believe in tribes of women” here. To tell your own story and share your beliefs in tribes of women, click here. To help shift the culture of women in our lives, our companies, and our world, join THE tribe here.

We hope you hear us saying We see you! We hear you! We feel you! and join us to help strengthen the bonds of womanhood in a world that seems to need a little bit more of what we have to offer.



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Amy Reeves Robinson

Amy Reeves Robinson

Amy is the Found & CEO of Tribe of Women. When I'm not busy working to build cultures of women supporting women... Well, that's pretty much all I do! And I'm here for you. Need a Tribe Talk? I'm your gal. Contact me for a keynote, workshop, panel discussion, or group facilitation at I can't wait to connect and build THE tribe, together.

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