Tribe Talk Workshops

Tribe Talk workshops are real talk, and facilitated conversations with a purpose.

Bring to us the biggest issues you face in your organization and we’ll develop a tailored workshop that includes deep conversations and provides Tribe Tools they can carry with them. Your team will see the issues, hear from the other sides, and feel actionable about the solutions they define.

Keynote Speakers

Challenge your conference attendees to SEE, HEAR, and FEEL their personal and professional lives differently.

Our CEO Amy Robinson is available for speaking engagements that will have your audience feeling seen, heard and felt with her practical advice and engaging style. She has topical presentations great for igniting conversations with your conference attendees that will last long after the conference is over.

Panel Conversations

Honest interaction and connection with your audience is what you want to accomplish, and what we provide.

Our facilitators use our Tribe Talk principles to host outstanding panel conversations that brings the audience into the conversation and creates a unique environment of connection. We can engage an existing group of experts or provide topical speakers aligned with your organization’s micro community goals.

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