Tribe of Women Founder Amy Reeves Robinson

I Believe in Tribes of Women

Hello! I’m, Amy Reeves Robinson, founder of Tribe of Women. Thank you for your interest in Tribe of Women and learning more about us. Like everything, it starts with a little story…

Our beliefs are tested every day. And, if we’re lucky, there is a moment, a wakeup call that compels us to dig deep and affirm our belief. In 2013, I joined the international team of the StartUp Cup and traveled to Pakistan to help train entrepreneurship mentors, especially women. My journey did not take me away from anything, but toward everything. Every question or theory I ever had about the importance of women supporting women, and how that support could transform our world, was made clear. And that I had a responsibility to be the change I wished to see, became my mission.

In 2014, I was invited to tell my story and share my belief on a TEDx stage. “I believe in tribes of women” was born from an essay I wrote for NPR’s “This I Believe” in 2009. In developing my TEDx talk, my belief became a call to action.

The unfortunate truth is that “mean girl” has somehow risen to become an accepted part of all cultures. But we don’t have to accept it, and changes in perception begin with us. When we accept ourselves and others (I see you), reach out and connect with each other (I hear you), and demonstrate and lead with the empathy, strength and influence it takes to make change (I feel you), we can change the societal norm, build our tribes of women, bring more good men to the forefront, and support THE tribe of women, we all thrive and will attain gender equity in the process.

I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

Now that call to action has become a movement and we have to move! I invite you to view the TEDx video, and to join us (yes, there is an US!) in our efforts to bring Tribe of Women culture to the lives and work places of every woman.

We’re glad you’re here. Let’s tribe!